Roman Titcu

Image of Roman Titcu

Roman Titcu is a vituoso player of the cimbalom, or "tsambal" (a large Hungarian/Romanian hammered dulcimer, played with padded sticks). He is also a composer, conductor and arranger.

Born in Moldova, his musical education began at age ten. At sixteen he started to play professionally, performing on concert stages and in cabarets. At age 17 he entered Music College in Chisinau, Moldova. While at Music College, he founded and directed the ensemble, "Doina Besarabia". In 1994 he entered Chisinau's Music Conservatory, where he majored in tsambal, conducting, and composition. While a student there, he performed on many recordings, including two singles, "Roma Babalile" and "Cafe Concert". From 1994 to 1997 Roman conducted the ensemble, "Oleandra". Also in 1994, he became principal arranger for the ensemble, "Roma", with which he toured in Europe and other parts of the world. Roman left "Roma" after their tour to Canada, and is now living in the San Francisco Bay area.

Roman has performed part-time with Danubius over the years, but all that has changed for the better. In the fall of 2011, Roman was named as the group's Music Director, and he is now a full-time member of Danubius.