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"Danubius is great. Especially live." SF Bay Guardian

Danubius Band

  Susan Worland, Barbara Deutsch, Roman Titcu, Tom Ferguson, Jutka Mándoki, David Nebenzahl

Who is Danubius?

Danubius is a San Francisco-based Eastern European band, specializing in traditional and Gypsy (Rom) music from Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, and other countries in the vicinity of the Danube River.  Led by Music Director Roman Titcu, our music has been called romantic, passionate, energizing, and can be described as a cross between the genres of folk and Classical music. We play both Western and traditional Hungarian, Romanian, and Bulgarian musical instruments, giving us a unique sound.  In addition to public performances, we're available for weddings, private parties, festivals, and all festive occasions.




Please see Memorial page for tribute to David Skuse

Sample recordings: CD Icon

About our instruments: koboz/cobza

510-964-7798 (Barbara Deutsch, Business Manager)

Reach us by email at danubius.sf@gmail.com