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"Danubius is great. Especially live." 
quote from San Francisco Bay Guardian's Will York


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Who is Danubius?

We are a San Francisco-based Eastern European band, specializing in traditional and Gypsy (Roma) music from Hungary, and additionally from
  • Romania 
  • Serbia 
  • Russia 
  • Macedonia
and other countries in the vicinity of the Danube River.  Led by Hungarian-American musicians Jutka Mándoki and Barbara Deutsch, our music has been called romantic, passionate, energizing, and can be described as a cross between the genres of folk and Classical music.

We play both Western and traditional Hungarian and Romanian musical instruments, giving us a unique sound.  

In addition to public performances, we're available for weddings, private parties, festivals, and all festive occasions!


Danubius during Covid-19
  • Friday November 27 and Saturday November 28, 2020

    The San Francisco Kolo Festival (ONLINE)

    The Festival presents international folk dance music, with an emphasis on Balkan and Greek music for dancing.  It will include Bay Area bands as well as others from all over the U.S.

    The Festival is free of charge, although they would very much appreciate any donations!
    It's being held on Zoom, and when you register, you'll be sent a link to get you in.
    The schedules are all posted on the website.

    Danubius will be performing all-Hungarian music sets, one 15 minute set each day. 
    Friday starts at 7:44 PM and Saturday starts at 8:06 PM.  (No typos here, these are our
    assigned start times!)
    On Friday, we'll be playing 3 numbers in the Kafana Room

    1.  Szeress Egyet (Székelyföldi csárdás traditional music arranged by Muzsikás
         dance is forgatós, a couples dance)
    2. Teremtés (music composed by Muzsikás in Gyimesi Csángó style, with contemporary lyrics        dance is Lassú Magyaros (couples dance), the first of cycle)
    3. Mori Shej (Hungarian Roma music, composed by Balogh József of Kalyi Jag for his baby           daughter; can be danced as Roma free-style dancing or with choreography

       (familiar to international folk dancers))

    On Saturday, we'll be playing 2 numbers on the Main Stage
    1.  Porkak (medley of Hungarian polkas).  Time to polka!
    2.  Gypsy Songs Medley.  Dance is Roma free-style (ala Mori Shej on Friday).

    Enjoy lots of great music and musicians at night, as well as free dance classes and free singing classes from expert teachers during the day.

    We look forward to entertaining you!

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